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– Maximum capacity : 89 people
– Kitchen
– Coat check
– Bathrooms
– WI-FI access

How to Contact Us
Rental requests for the Café must be received at least 1 month before the event.

In order for us to adequately fulfill your needs, please write us an e-mail mentioning:
• A brief description of your project
• Required times (including set-up and strike, rehearsals and/or dress rehearsals, the number of performances, etc. )
• An overview of your production schedule (if available)
• The number of people involved during production (artist(s), technical personnel, others)
• Your technical requirements

All the requests are carefully considered based on the availability of our spaces and the technical requirements of the project.

For more information or to book a tour of the facility, please contact us: 514-982-1812 or email

Daily rental (5 hours) $275*
Daily rental for OBNL (5 hours) $225*
Additional rental hours (beyond 5 hours) $35/hour*
Technician (minimum call 4 hours) $25/hour*
Additional Café-bar personnel (minimum call 3 hours) $15/hour*
Security for equipment (minimum call 4 hours) $25/hour*

*Please note that taxes are not included in the prices quoted above

Rental rates (PDF format)

Café-bar rental includes a staff person responsible for the opening and closing of the space as well as overall supervision and security. This same person is responsible for running the bar, for a period of 5 hours (including 1 hour for the preparation and 1 hour for the closing). Box office services, stage management and coat check are not included in the set price. Box office services can be added with various options upon request (see Rental rates).

The rental space includes (depending on availability) the equipment mentioned in the Technical Rider. Any technical set-up necessitates the presence of one or more technicians at the rate mentioned above.

For more information or to book a tour of the facility, please contact us:
514 982-1812 or email

Café-bar plan (JPG format)

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