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Anna Binta Diallo (Montréal)

18 fév. – 19 mars 2016

Vernissage : February 18 – 5p.m.

Inspired by the palimpsest, a parchment that is erased after each use so that it can be reused, artist Anna Binta Diallo created the works in this series by juxtaposing and successively redoing and reinventing her images. Her work is inspired by varying cultures including the African Diaspora and Aboriginal communities. She appropriates images from the internet, advertising, history books alongside personal photos to enrich the various layers of her works. Using collage, along with projections, painting and printing, palimpseste presents a highly symbolic and very personal language. By playing with perceptions, contrasts and associations, freely rearranging images and information, Diallo seeks to create new visual cosmogonies.

Born in Senegal and raised in Manitoba, Anna Binta Diallo defines herself as an “inter-disciplinary artist who embraces the use of many mediums.” Her work focuses on the subjective construction of identities, the writing of history and stories, and our perception of origins and communities. It reveals our fundamentally composite nature, the work of permanently reshaping notions of identity, memory and otherness, where the book is constantly being rewashed, rewritten and reinvented.

“I believe the tension in my work stimulates dialogue as I strive to address global concerns while broaching personal, yet universal themes in my artistic investigations. Creative expression is another way of conceiving communication; it is a highly symbolic language that distinguishes us from animals.” – Anna Binta Diallo

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