• “After the Hunt”, Emily Jan. Photo: © Eric Tschaeppeler

  • “Assemblée générale des actionnaires” © Shabnam Zeraati.

Folklore Futur

Shabnam Zeraati + Emily Jan (Montréal)

28 mars — 9 mai

The tragicomedy of a brawl between members of the Ukrainian parliament gave rise to this exhibition by Shabnam Zeraati, entitled Assemblée générale des actionnaires. This mixed media installation includes large-scale drawings and a multitude of miniature sculptures. Fascinating allegorical characters, man-animals and chicken heads conjure up a personal mythology and cast a critical eye on social conflict. The works of the Iranian-born artist have featured in several international exhibitions, including Tape Modern in Berlin and Open Here in Seoul.

Emily Jan creates sculptural installations using recycled materials, textiles, and found objects. After the Hunt / Before the Fall is a pair of installations which look to art history and natural history respectively. After the Hunt is a sprawling, life-sized tableau based upon the visual language of 17th century Dutch still-life painting. It comments upon the “embarrassment of riches” for which the Dutch Golden Age was known, and which echoes our own time. Before the Fall is a diorama-like installation centred around the quagga, an extinct subspecies of South African zebra, which researchers have recently attempted to “breed back.” In 2011, Emily Jan received a prestigious distinction at the sixth International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art.

Folklore Futur, a word from the Director, Michael Toppings (.pdf)

After the Hunt / Before the Fall, Text by Tammer El Sheikh (.pdf)

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