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Maria Isabel Rondon (Montréal)

September 21 and 22, 2012

September 21 and 22, 2012

« Elle réussit brillamment le pari délicat de l’élaboration d’une gestuelle personnelle et contemporaine alimentée par les traditions ancestrales sans être limitée par elles. » – QUÉBEC DANSE (Montréal)

Barravento: a wind in Bahia that rises suddenly off the sea. Barravento: a metaphor for change and transition. Barravento: a choreography that evokes a familiar and strange elsewhere with distinct ties to ancestral memories. A new figure on the Montreal dance scene, Maria Isabel Rondon already possesses a unique signature in which elements of capoeira and the dances of the Orixas – Afro-Brazilian deities – fuse with a resolutely contemporary language. Her choreographies stand out for their astonishing geometry and the animal nature of their movement. Barravento flirts with trances of possession, reminiscent of the states of confusion experienced by initiates to the religion Candomblé. A dance of chiaroscuro, of spasmodic and aerial movements, Barravento plays on disequilibrium and surrender. The choreographer shares the stage with three dancers; together, they engage in a larger than life experience of the body.

Maria Isabel Rondon began her dancing career in capoiera. In Brazil, she specialised in the Silvestre Technique and was a regular at terreiros – Candomblé houses. A graduate of the University of Ottawa in religious studies, her dance training includes classical ballet and contemporary dance. Rondon dances for Carlos Moraes and has choreographed three solos: Ogum, Cara and Àguas. For the MAI she is premiering a new adaptation of Barravento, a Mon accès à la scène award-winning choreography in 2012.

With Myriam Farger, Fedora Mathieu, Mika Lilit Lior

Original music by Javier Ascencio

Press release

DFDanse critique by Juliette Pottier Plaziat, September 25, 2012

September 21 and 22, 2012

8 p.m.


$22 Regular
$18 Discount (Professionnal artists– Seniors 65 years and older – Accès Montréal cardholders)
$15 Student
$14 Group (10 persons and more)
$12 Student Group

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